Work and social security

Human resources management

  1. Drafting employment contracts and labour mouvement reports.
  2. Management of employment contracts from signature to termination.
  3. Formulation of internal regulations, annual labour force statement and social audit.
  4. Preparation of labour certificate.
  5. Negotiation of contractual termination (Memoranda of understanding).
  6. Calculation of social security contributions and allowances in case of termination.
  7. Organisation of staff representative election.
  8. Preparation of certificate of regularity (TSS-IPRES-CSS), of employment contract visas, of opening statement of a company and of overtime quota.
  9. Provision of collective agreements.
  10. Preparation of job descriptions.
  11. Advice on both of the employer and the employee rights and obligations.
  12. Advice on methods of payment and remuneration.
  13. Advice and support in the relationship with social security institutions (social security declarations and contributions).
  14. Advice and assistance in the classification of workers by line of business.
  15. Advice and support in developping the skills of employees and in improving the quality of life at work through a more available HR department.
  16. Advice and assistance for transparent and simplified administrative management.
  17. Support in updating the essential parts of labour law and practice in accordance with the constant changes in legislation and in case law.
  18. Support in securing your management practices to avoid risk of litigation in your individual and collective labour relationship.
  19. Organisation of staff training sessions on the various aspects of labour law and capacity building for representatives in relation to their missions.
  20. Identification of needs and personalised support in capacity building.