SAND Consulting

Le partenaire de vos projets avec une expertise éprouvée

Do you have a project and need to be assisted and trained by experienced professionals ?
SAND Consulting is what you need!

Why SAND Consulting as a partner ?

SAND Consulting assists private and state-owned organisations in this globalized market where competition is tougher, market players are diversified and customs and tax administrative procedures are complex.

As specialists in sub-regional and international trade, our complementary experience in both the public and private sectors enables us to identify the partners you need to deal with, as well as the processes and procedures to be followed throughout the business life of your company.

We take care of the various procedures involved in setting up your company, obtaining some administrative documents and accreditations, protocols, managing and following up tax and customs formalities … So you can focus on your business.
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What are our distinctive features?

The three pillars of our firm

A mission and a clear target

The missions of our consulting firm consist in advising, guiding, training and supporting economic operators, private and public players and NGO by analysing and managing their business.

Values in our DNA

Sense of responsibilty, transparency, efficiency and integrity are part of SAND Consulting’s DNA. All our business, actions and decisions are based on these values.

An excellence-oriented vision

We aim at being the leader in Senegal and West Africa within 10 years thanks to innovative offers and solutions adapted to the needs of our partners.


Why ‘SAND’ as a name for our company?

Simply because it shows the best who we really are. ‘SAND’ is the contraction of our two names: Sara and Djigdjam, as we are the founders of SAND Consulting
‘SAND’ also reminds us our tight relationship as it is the name of a rare tree and of a village next to Ndiaganiao (Senegal).
We provide you a personalised support and services adapted to your needs.


CEO & Co-Founder of the firm
Tax lawyer, PhD in public law. (Thesis on taxation in progress)

Phd Pape Djigdjam DIOP

Co-Founder of the firm
Phd in Public Law Lecturer and Researcher Specialist in customs law