Trade and Investment

Advice and Support - Audit - Studies - Training

  1. Support for business creation
  2. Advice and assistance in obtaining approval for the Investment Code, for the Export Free Entreprise (EFE) and for the Special Economic zone.
  3. Study of investment projects and permanent provision of reliable economic and commercial information.
  4. Advice and assistance for foreign and local investors in requesting and obtaining administrative documents (concessions, contracts, authorisations, exemptions, etc.)
  5. Assisting :
    • investors in seaching banking solutions and guarantees.
    • large food importers and strategic goods in searching documentary credit insurance policy.
    • economic operators in searching and obtaining supplier credit insurance solutions.
    • economic operators in searching and obtaining confirmed Letter of Credit, buyer insurance credit.
    • investors in seeking investment insurance to cover some risks (Currency inconvertibilité and transfer restrictions, expropriation, civil conflicts, contract break).
    • exporters in searching reinsurance, co-insurance and fronting solutions.
    • in the procedures in getting a company identification number (NINEA) and in being listed in the commercial register (RCCM), in obtaining an import and export card.
    • in obtainig a manufacturing autorisation.
    • in getting food import authorisations and declarations (DIPA).
  6. Advice and support in monitoring and complying with SSA (Food Safety Standards)