IT Security

Advice and Support - Audit - Studies - Training

  1. Study and implemention of computer security projects.
  2. Advice, assistance and support in the procedure for setting up an information systems security policy.
  3. Advice and training on Cyber Security Regulations
  4. Computer security awarness.
  5. Advice:
    • on banking security standards.
    • on website security standards.
    •  on Cyber security standards.
  6. Advice and support in drafting an computer security policy.
  7. Implementation :
    • of a business continuity plan (BCP) in case of a cyber attack.
    • of a disaster recovery (DRP) plan in case of a cyber attack.
  8. Proposal of a cyber attack reponse system.
  9. Advice and support for migration to cloud computing.
  10. Training and capacity building on cyber security and information systems security management.
  11. Audit of the information system security policy.